Welsh in the Workplace

Tailored Welsh courses for your Workforce

The Centre provides a number of courses in the workplace. These courses can follow the general curriculum like the community classes. Another option is to provide a course tailored to correspond with the needs of the employer. Courses are available at all levels from complete beginners to proficiency.

For example:

  • Telephone answering skills / Office language
  • Confidence building and terminology for nurses
  • Taster course for health visitors
  • Mainstream course with supplementary units tailored for Business language / Health sector language

We offer:

  • We can tailor our courses to reflect the needs of your company or organisation
  • You can choose the time and location of all courses
  • Value for money
  • Detailed assessment is offered to identify your staff needs
  • Up to date feedback is available on attendance and progress
  • Mentoring schemes are offered, enabling Welsh speaking staff to build their confidence and use their language skills.
  • Language awareness sessions

Education Related Courses:

  • ‘A taste of bilingualism’ within the classroom
  • Confidence building course for foundation phase L.S.As
  • Develop your written Welsh – improving writing skills, sharing good practice, and individual needs of the student
  • Specific terminology based on school subjects
  • Taster course – Lunch time assistants

For more information or to arrange a course at your
workplace, contact Annalie Price on 01443 483 600 or

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