What level?

We have 5 levels

►Entry (Beginner)

A course for beginners. Emphasis is very much on conversational Welsh – personal details and past events
are among the topics covered.


This level is suitable for those who have completed the Entry level course and/or those who can speak some Welsh and are not complete beginners. Expand on your speaking skills. Topics such as family, work and hobbies are among the topics covered.


The emphasis is still on speaking, but a little more writing, reading and listening is introduced. You should feel comfortable holding a conversation on everyday topics by the end of this level.


You will still concentrate on oral skills, but also be gradually introduced to Welsh radio, television and newspapers. The course also helps you to improve your writing skills.


This course is for those (first or second language) who wish to further develop their Welsh, focusing on both written and oral skills. Courses generally concentrate on one or the other.

If you are unsure of your level, please give us a ring on 01443 483 600 for a chat with a member of staff.