Reasons to Learn

Listen to some of our learners talking about why they’re learning!

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Recent figures show that the number of Welsh speakers is increasing. There are several reasons for this uplift including the fact that all children attending Welsh and non-Welsh medium schools in Wales speak or learn the language up to the age of 16 or above. The language is alive in towns and villages from north to south and is to be seen and heard all over the country.

The figures for Welsh learners is also on the increase, with the wide dynamics including nursery-aged children to grandparents.

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Some people learn Welsh because they have always wanted to and they appreciate the enriching experiences which it brings with it.

One of the main reasons people return to learning Welsh or enrol as a beginner is they wish to do so because they have chosen a Welsh-medium education for their children.

Another one of the advantages is in regards to employment opportunities, something of great importance to those working in the public sector where it is a legal requirement to provide services in both languages.

Others wish to develop a greater understanding of Wales’ culture and history and become part of a whole new section of our modern society.

Remember, we’re only skimming the surface!

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Learning the language allows people to expand their horizons both in work and socially within the wider community in Wales. People can sit back and continue to learn beyond the classroom from the comfort of their own homes by watching S4C, listening to Radio Cymru, or can join in the fun and experience the vibrant opportunities organised all over Wales for Welsh speakers and learners; from the national events such as the Eisteddfod to local weekly activities in the community.

Join the hundreds of other adult learners who are developing their linguistic skills and becoming bilingual.