Sadwrn Siarad

The Saturday courses are an excellent opportunity to meet up with other learners from different areas, and to practice your Welsh in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Taster Session: You will get a taster of Welsh by covering the basics of pronunciation and learning to exchange greetings, personal information and likes and dislikes. You will learn to use numbers, colours, the days of the week and how to talk about the weather.

Entry 1: You will be revising where you went, what you did, the weather and talking about other people and things. You will also start looking more at talking the past tense.

Entry 2/Entry 1&2/Foundation 1: You will be revising time and money. You will also start looking at discussing problems and complaining.

Foundation 1&2/Foundation 2: You will be revising comparing adjectives e.g. “tal, talach, tala”. You will also start looking at the passive, e.g. “Ces i fy ngeni, Cafodd hi ei gweld” (I was born, She was seen).

Intermediate: You will be revising using emphatic sentences. You will also start looking at how to discuss various different topics.

Advanced: You will be revising a number of language patterns you have studied so far at Advanced level. Your tutor will choose a topic of interest for the session and there will be plenty of opportunity to practise your speaking skills.

Proficiency: This class is suitable for fluent students, both first and second language. You will revise and practise using various language patterns using spoken and written classroom activities. The aims of this session are to build confidence and to hone your Welsh language skills.

►Location: University of South Wales, Treforest, CF37 1DL.
► Time: 10am-3pm
►Cost: £10
► Dates: 16/02/2019, 20/07/2019.

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Closing date for booking is the Wednesday before the Sadwrn Siarad.